Sunday, October 19, 2008

How to Survive the Great Depression. Again and Again

This auto parts store made the New York Times . The paper made the store an example of how to survive tough times.

A reporter went to the wheat country in northeastern Colorado, in search for businesses that are immune to the slowdown.

He found, Marsau’s, an auto parts supply shop that opened right before the Great Depression in 1928. 80 yeras later, the store is still going strong. “Everybody else quit, or died,” John C. Wray II, the owner of Marsau’s, said to the New York Times.

This store is a perfect example that auto parts are recession-proof. Marsau's survived all depressions and recessions since 1928.

While U.S. new car sales dropped to historic lows, the U.S. after-sales service market maintained 5 % growth in the first half of the year as more and more people preferred to maintain cars rather than buying new ones. This trend will increase dramatically as new car sales drop dramatically.

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